Guide to Eating Healthy While Eating Out

11 August 2016


One of my biggest questions from my friends and clients is how do I travel or eat out at a restaurant, still eat healthy, and not feel like my food restrictions get in the way?


Do you avoid eating out because you feel like a burden? Or are embarrassed? Or feel awkward about ordering “weird” food? Do you order food that you don’t really want because you don’t want to ask for changes or you’re afraid of what others might think? Please take heart!  You’re most definitely not the first person ever to ask for substitutions. I know you can feel like the only person in the world to ask for special foods. Though truth is, in a world where people are more conscious about food choices, there are more and more people who are asking for substitutions. I do it all the time, too!


Think about why you go out to eat: Restaurants are there to make sure you enjoy your meal and that you’re satisfied and that you’ll come back for another meal! Give them the opportunity to make you a truly amazing meal and a satisfied customer.  BONUS: You don’t have to do dishes afterwards!


To empower you to ask for what you need, here is a list of top 10 questions/things to do when ordering a meal at a restaurant:


    Top 10 Questions to Ask/Things to Do When You Travel/Eat Out


     1) What cooking oil do they use? Here’s a great guide for cooking oils:


     2) Are there any substitutions you can make (salad or steamed vegetables instead of fries, baked potato, etc.)?


     3) Are their seafood sources sustainable? Is the fish/seafood farmed or wild caught?


     4) Ask for a takeout box when your food comes and put half of the entrée in the box for a future meal


     5) Tell the server if you have any food allergies/sensitivities


     6) Ask about sauce ingredients (check for MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten, etc.)


     7) Ask for dressings and sauces on the side (you can then control how much is on your food)


     8) Ask for baked or broiled instead of fried (especially if you’re eliminating gluten, since flour is oftentimes used as breading

         around fried foods)


     9) Keep a small jar of sea salt in your purse or bag. Here’s a great article on sea salt vs. table salt:


   10) Look for organic versions of dirty dozen foods:


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