Staying in Shape While Traveling

24 August  2016


I’m writing from my hotel room in Connecticut since I’m traveling for work this week. I often get asked what I do to work out and stay in shape when I’m traveling.  There are lots of apps and other social media ideas out there so how do I choose?


For me, I usually scope out the hotel where I’ll be staying ahead of time to see if there’s a fitness center and/or a pool.  If yes for both, I make sure I pack for both (e.g., bringing a bathing suit and workout clothes & shoes).  The elliptical is great for low-impact cardio and nice for a quick workout!  The recumbent or other stationary bike is also great for working different muscle groups and also low-impact for sore knees and joints.  Sometimes the gym will have dumb bells and/or exercise balls, which are both great for incorporating into a routine.  Make sure to also check the gym and pool hours (not all are 24/7, especially not pools).




















If the hotel doesn’t have a fitness center or pool, then I look up exercise routines I can do in my hotel room that don’t require much, if any, equipment.  Room chairs and tables and floor space can also work as “equipment” if needed at all.


When choosing a workout routine, it’s important to:


   1) Stay hydrated: most workout rooms have a water cooler, though if not, the hotel lobby or kitchen usually has water. I usually bring a reusable water bottle

       with me on trips (you can put in a purse or backpack on the plane as long as it’s empty).


   2) Find something at the right level of fitness for you. If you check out workout routines online, check the difficulty level.  Try not to do an extreme workout if

       this is the first time you’re working out (or haven’t worked out in a while). It’s better to ease into a workout routine rather than going for the advanced level

       right away.  Also make sure if you have any health concerns that you consult your doctor or physician to make sure you can start a new routine.


   3) Find something that’s fun! Mix up your routine, add dance moves, and/or put together motivational music on your portable musical listening device of choice

       (smart phone, iPod, etc.). Adding upbeat music that makes you smile (or even laugh) really helps in motivating, too!


Another option is checking out local gyms and yoga studios, which often have low or even free drop-in/first time rates.


Do you have a favorite workout routine when you travel? Have questions or comments? Interested in help with finding a travel routine that works best for you?  Connect with me and schedule a free health history discovery session with me.