3 Ways to Avoid Overwhelm in 2017

12 January 2017


How has your week been?  I’ve been working this week on my 2017 vision and goals and trying to get back in the groove after the holidays of balancing work life and home life.  How did my life get this full?  Being a full-time working mama, it’s been a bit of a struggle getting back on track after the break.  Sometimes I feel like my to-do list is now a “to-do manifesto”!  Can you relate?


Here are the 3 things I’m doing to reduce and eliminate overwhelm in 2017:


  • Breathe/Be Aware: I’ve been reminding myself to take a moment to breathe and be aware of what is making me feel overwhelmed.  Taking a break from the hustle and bustle can help clear your mind and help you get focused again.


  • Self-Care: During the holiday break, it was easy to eat and drink whatever and sleep on a different schedule.  Getting back into a routine and eating better can be a challenge, though not impossible.


  • Instead of cutting out foods to release weight, I’m “crowding out” sweet and salty cravings by adding more:
  • Vegetables: “eat the rainbow” of colorful produce
  • Healthy fats: organic extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, avocados, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic nuts & seeds (if you can tolerate them)
  • Healthy proteins: grassfed beef, pastured chicken, wild caught sustainable fish/shellfish
  • I take a hot bath (or shower) with lavender essential oil to melt stress away.
  • I drink plenty of filtered water (1/2 my bodyweight in ounces of water daily).
  • I’m going to schedule a massage to release toxins and muscle tension.


  • Don’t Compare: Sometimes I look at my friends and wonder how they do it all! How are they training for triathlons/mud runs/marathons and serving on several boards and running their own businesses?  First, I stop and think about how proud of them I am for all that they are doing.  Instead of continuing to compare myself and my life to others, I take a look at my own and start setting small, achievable goals.  I get into competition with myself, take a look at my previous goals, and ask myself what I can do that’s new and different this year.  By setting and prioritizing small and achievable goals and taking baby steps to complete larger ones, I gain momentum and a sense of confidence when checking off items from my to-do list!




Are you feeling overwhelmed about your 2017 resolutions?  Have you set a bunch of goals for the year though not quite sure where to start? Let’s talk! I invite you to connect with me for a Free Health Breakthrough Coaching Session to discuss how to create a stress-free healthy vision for 2017—or pass this offer on to someone you care about!